THE SWISS BEAR, Swiss Certified Chef, family run business since 2009


The SWISS BEAR, headed by Swiss Certified Chef Robert; offers European home-style fare; house specialty schnitzel, bearlicious fruit tarts and butter pies, and frozen comfort meals (Food for THAW) to defrost, warm up at home and enjoy!  

Take-out is now served from our Schnitzel Express food truck; in the fall, we'll review indoor-dining opportunities as they become feasible.            


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The SWISS BEAR is a family driven, year-round operation.  Robert is a professional Chef, trained and certified in Switzerland (where schnitzel is a staple!); our boys help with prep, cooking, baking, service and social media; Lori is delighted to serve you and orchestrate enjoyable SWISS BEAR visits!  Since 2009 we have been blessed with great crews working here year-round or seasonally, most of them on-board for 4 or 5 years! We are so excited to have two new helpers join our team and one seasoned member return! 

We sincerely look forward to serving you some SWISS BEAR hospitality, and schnitzel, soon!  Whether you live or cottage near by, or are traveling through this beautiful area, it is a priviledge for our family and team to be part of your adventures!